Our Dog Grooming School Programs

Professional Dog Bathing Program

80 Clock Hours (10 days full time)

This program will show how to achieve a professionally bathed and dried pet. The purpose is to equip the student with a strong foundation of bathing skills that will enable you to have a Career in Dog Bathing profession. In addition to learning pet bathing, which is the foundation of dog grooming, special attention will be focused in learning correct pet handling, safety procedures & speed techniques.

  • Shampoo Procedures
  • Flea Treatments
  • Anal Gland Expulsion
  • Blow Drying
  • Finish Brushing
  • Comb-Outs
  • Therapeutic Shampoos
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Safety & Control
  • Pet Communication

Areas Of Expertise

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